April 1, 2014

A message to our customers,

Today is Unicomp's 18th anniversary. I would like to extend a sincere Thank You to our many loyal customers. Your interest and passion for the buckling spring keyboards we make are greatly appreciated.

We hope to make the holiday season this year special with the development of a new 83 key product chassis. This new chassis will continue to use the full size buckling spring keys and curved profile. It will be 25% smaller yet pack significantly more functionality than the space saving keyboard (SSK) developed by IBM 20 years ago. There will be versions available that will include features such as a USB hub, a pointing stick mouse, Mac compatibility, detachable cable, and Fn functionality. I have included a rendering produced by a loyal customer (M. Farwig) that illustrates the concept we are working on. We welcome your thoughts and comments on this future product. Please send them to M83@unicomp.com.

Thanks again for your loyalty.


Neil Muyskens