Alternative key reassignment for use on OSX

Martin Diers ( offers the following alternative method of reassigning key functions  of a Classic or Ultra Classic keyboard for operations on an OSX platform.


-- Don


"I thought this might be useful to your users. It will make every key
function as on the 104/105 key layout + the 25 Mac keycap set. 

This uses the open source Karabiner app, available here:

The attached private.xml file must be place in ~/Library/Application

If someone already has their own customizations in private.xml, they
will have to merge the two files. Also, if the USB product ID is
different than 0x0822, it will have to be changed. Karabiner includes
an EventViewer that makes it easy to find the product ID of any
attacked device.

What this config does:

* Left-Command and Left-Option are swapped
* Right-Command and Right-Option are not swapped
* The Application key is remapped to Fn.
* The Help/Ins key is mapped to Eject.
* F1-F12 are left as is.
* Fn+F1-F12 do what the keycaps say, except that “Expose”
launches Mission Control. “Dashboard” launches Launchpad, as on
modern Mac OSs."