Attaching the controller card to the 10x key frame assembly

The five attached images show the procedure for installing the controller cards into a 104-105 key frame assembly:

Image 1;  The first image shows all of the components needed to install the card.  Be careful handling the controller card since it is sensitivity to electrostatic discharge.  If you must handle the card before you install it, try to keep it wrapped in the pink plastic material that it was shipped in.  Note the alignment of the controller has the 3 green LEDs on the card facing up.  When talking about alignment of things in this note, I consider the back of the keyboard the side where the spacebar will be placed.  The front of the keyboard is toward the side where the Function keys F1-F12 will be placed.  The back edge of the controller card is the edge closest to the two holes. The front edge of the controller card is the edge closest to the LEDs.In addition to the components shown, a small screwdriver will be needed to drive the 2 screws into position.

Image 2; the black foam spacer is placed in the frame.  Note the two horseshoe shaped cuts in the spacer fit around the two plastic bosses and the open side of the cuts are facing toward the back of the keyboard.

Image 3; fold the membrane pigtail over the foam spacer.  The back edge of the pigtail should be placed in the small gap in the plastic behind the foam.  Make sure the pigtail is aligned such that the holes in the pigtail will fit over the two plastic bosses.  Hold the pigtail in place with your finger but try not to scratch the conductive fingers on the pigtail with your fingernail or any other material.  

Image 4; While you are holding the pigtail in place lower the back edge of the controller card into the slot  where you put the back edge of the pigtail  Once the back edge of the card is engaged in the slot, rotate the front edge of the card down and forward such that the two holes in the card fit down over the bosses. Try to ensure that the pigtail has also slipped down over the bosses and is captured by card with no pigtail material visible on the top surface of the bosses.  

Image 5; Place the screws in the hole in the center of the bosses and screw down snugly.  

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