Removal and insertion of the spacebar

It's not uncommon for the spacebar to become dislodged during shipping or following a drop or some other mechanical shock. You can remove the spacebar with a small screwdriver. Simply insert the screwdriver under the front edge ( the edge closest to you) and pry upward gently until the key pops free. Note there is a metal wire or bail attached to the back of the spacebar.  Look at the chimney with the spring in it and make sure it is clear of debris. The spring needs to remain attached to the white pivot plate in the bottom of the chimney so use caution. 

Now reassemble everything. The metal bail goes down behind the spacebar chimney and then slides away from you into 2 retaining tabs located under the C-V and <-> or N-M keys.  As you are inserting the the stem of the spacebar into the chimney, be sure to have the spring positioned in the center of the stem. You may need to tilt the keyboard from front to back to get the spring to rest in the center of the chimney. Guide the stem into the chimney and press down until it snaps into place. It shouldn't take too much force. Now see if that works any better.